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Travel Checklist and Tips for Studying in the USA with an f1 visa

F-1 Students



and Tips for Studying in the USA

F1 student Travel Checklist and Tips for Studying in the USA

Congratulations on being accepted to a U.S. university! We understand that traveling to a new country for your studies can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you prepare for this journey, we've created a comprehensive checklist and provided some valuable suggestions for first-time F-1 students like you.

Before you Travel

1. Visa and Immigration Documents

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity

  • Valid F-1 student visa

  • I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility)

  • SEVIS fee receipt

  • Admission letter from your U.S. school

  • Financial documentation

2. Accommodation and Living Arrangements

  • Secure off-campus housing.

  • Research your housing options and understand rental agreements.

  • Search for hotel, apartment, or short-term rentals(Airbnb, vrbo, etc.)

  • Have the address with you when you travel in case CBP asks where you are staying.


3. Finances

  • Open a US bank account.

  • Prepare a budget for your living expenses.

  • Notify your bank of your travel plans.


4. Health Insurance

  • Purchase health insurance that meets your school's requirements.

  • Understand your insurance coverage and how to use it.


5. Travel Documents and Important Papers

  • Photocopy important documents (passport, visa, I-20, transcripts, degree certificates, English proficiency exam, etc.) and store them separately.

  • Scan and upload digital copies to cloud storage for easy access.

6. Travel Itinerary

  • Book your flight tickets.

  • Check baggage allowance and airport regulations.

  • Plan your arrival date. You cannot enter the U.S. more than 30 days prior to your start date.


7. Packing

  • Create a packing list or use ours below.

  • Pack essentials, including clothing, toiletries, and important documents. Consider the climate and season of your destination.

  • Check baggage weight and size limits.


8. School Onboarding

  • Pay semester tuition in full.

  • Register for classes and complete any other onboarding steps.

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