• The International Student Referral Program is offered and managed by HMS.

  • HMS will pay you $500 for each eligible referred international student that enrolls and attends classes at an HMS partner institution.

  • Current students will receive the $500 referral award in the form of a Referral Scholarship applied directly to their student account when the referred student enrolls in their second full semester. 

  • Former students or non-students will receive the $500 referral award in the form of a check when the referred student enrolls in an HMS partner institution. Upload IRS Form W9 or IRS form W8-BEN with this online submission or email it to to be eligible for the referral award. The referral award will not be given without the appropriate IRS form. Payment will be sent approximately 30 days after the referred student's date of enrollment. 

  • Prospective students that have inquired about or applied to an HMS partner institution through HMS or another source before being referred by you, do not qualify as an eligible referral.

  • Referrals awards in the form of a scholarship or check will not be made retroactively.

  • HMS reserves the right to modify or cancel the Student Referral Program at anytime.

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